How To Diet: Food Review - Cottage Cheese

Walmart is dropping prices on some Halloween grocery essentials this week, plus some early deals on holiday gift shopping. The best prices in this week's Walmart ad are discussed in detail below.

Want to give a whole new meaning to the phrase "tex-mex food"? Try using BBQ sauce as a creative taco topping! Believe it or not, BBQ sauce actually tastes great on your tacos. It's the perfect alternative flavor if you have guests that don't enjoy spicy food. This works best when used as a topping for beef or chicken tacos (it tends to overpower the flavor of fish tacos though).

There are various mexican meals you can eat and even a few american meals for the kids-etc. A lot of people go for the All-you can eat beef or chicken meal for a little more than $10 -It's a good deal. One of the unique things is also raising that little table flag to get your server's attention say-if you'd like another beef or taco chicken or enchilada. And don't forget the sopaipillas!

Summertime is a great time to use the slow cooker chicken taco, too. The kitchen doesn't get hot while it's cooking! You can cook great crowd-pleasing favorites like casseroles, dips, and chilies easily in your crock-pot - then you relax and enjoy the fun, too!

To chicken tacos earls recipe and current students of Virginia Tech, there is a second Cabo in Blacksburg, VA. I've heard each one is better than the other, so leave comments if you have been to one or both!